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HP Reef

HP Reef (or Rainbow Reef) is a Protected Marine Area and one of the most beautiful dive sites in North Male Atoll, Maldives. This prominent dive site can be explored all year round and is recommended for advanced divers. Current can be medium to strong.

You can expect to see beautiful caves and crannies, splendid blocks with yellow, blue and orange soft coral formations, and colorful seafans.

This reef is the perfect place to spot grey reef sharks, turtles, barracudas, dog-toothed tunas, eagle rays and thousands of reef fish.

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The Leaf Scorpionfish is a small and compressed fish that has the ability to rock its body back and forth through the water mimicking the momentum of a drifting leaf. This allows them to blend into their surroundings and become less noticeable to predators.

They are fascinating creatures, being almost perfectly camouflaged to their coral reef habitats.